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Hey this goes out you members who are not traditional 2d animators ...or to even those of you guys want to refresh on lost talent of drawing ... we started this weekend thingy where we try to get some sort of drawing training /practice done over the weekend ....we are starting with the very basics . CIRCLES..again there is no compulsion and we have not arranged some who can teach this is a very informal thing and is more of a collective learning ..but having said that if there are any members from a traditional 2 d back ground can contribute to help the non 2d guys of the group ..please feel free to approach .. ...how ever as and how we progress we can try to arrange some classes or training later .. what you u guys say to that ?


On December 18, 2009 at 5:26 AM , prejithks said...

hi all,
thanks riyaz bhai for creating this blog..and i have gone through some videos which is dropped by rajesh and it was good..thanks for vibrating our blood cells to refresh and do animation neatly.