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Long working hours.. Balanceing work .. keeping pace ...this is what BOBBY BECK has to say

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Hello guys , 
                              I was talking to a few animators in the studio the other day  and among various topics relating to studios  in other places . a few comments seemed to be of the same note  " about long hours ..balancing work  inspiration etc  ...So while i was up  browsing  .. I came up on  Bobby beck's Blog (  Animation mentor ) .. and this was what he had in it  . thought I'd share it with you guys .. 

Is the animation industry jaded? 
 It is true that a lot of people get burned out due to working long hours and on projects they may or may not believe in. I remember working at Disney on Dinosaur and people would tell me, “You’re so happy, it’s just a matter of time before you get all jaded and crusty like the rest of us.” Ha ha. I’ll always remember that. If you know me I’m anything but jaded and crusty. It’s all a matter of perspective. I know at AnimationMentor.com we have worked hard to create an environment of support and inspiration. Our hope is to create more “inspired” animators that go in to the work force and populate it with hope and enthusiasm. Is this bad? Hell no. Most every one who got in to this industry was inspired at some point. “We’re making cartoons for goodness sakes.” I often hear this and it’s an important reminder to tell ourselves.
 So, my answer to this question is, no. No, I do not think the industry is jaded. I think it’s easy to become jaded and negative energy is like cream and it tends to overpower and rise to the top. Beware of getting sucked in to this ugly pattern and remember to keep your chin up. Just as the negative rises to the top, the inspired will also outshine at the end of the day. So, I say work together to be stoked about what you do. This energy is infectious and will create something so powerful.
 A good experience I’ve heard of this is at Psyop. One of our graduates got a job over there and the team said something to the tone of, “Wow, you really know what you’re doing and you seem really easy to work with; do you know anyone else like this looking for a job?” Before you know it there are 13 people from Animation Mentor working on their project! I recently met the CEO of Psyop at a party in New York and he told me they love hiring people form Animation Mentor. I was told the work ethic inspired the whole team to raise their standards and pumped an infusion of enthusiasm throughout the organization!
 This is the type of story I LOVE to hear. It’s not the first I’ve heard like this. Am I saying only Animation Mentor students are this way? No, not at all. What I am saying is that being jaded or feeling like, “I’m a great animator” are dangerous ways to think. When you are a constant learner, supportive, sharing of your knowledge and are inspired by the work you do, you will be creating a SUPER POWERFUL quality of life, not only for yourself but for everyone around you! Something to keep in mind. 

Am I going to always be worked to death like this or will I find some balance?
 - This is something really good to share ...I can't hog in all the notes here it just wouldn't be fair  to another blogger even if it is free out there in the world wide web for everyone to read so   click on this  link here => http://bobbyboom.blogspot.com/ and  read on .. but do read ..!!